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Central banker sir eddie { October 17 2003 }

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'Steady Eddie' nestles in at Rothschilds

Heather Stewart
Friday October 17, 2003
The Guardian

Sir Eddie George's transition from central bank governor to the boardrooms of global business continued apace yesterday when he picked up his third private sector position in as many weeks.

After completing his three month "gardening leave" since retiring from Threadneedle Street after 10 years in the governor's chair, Sir Eddie was yesterday appointed as a non-executive director at the merchant bank NM Rothschild.

The blue-blooded City institution said that "steady Eddie" would take a seat on its board as a non-executive director, and would also become chairman of its European advisory council.

"The depth and range of his experience as governor of the Bank of England for the last 10 years will be of great value to us," the family-owned investment bank said in a statement.

Since he stepped down from the top job in Threadneedle Street, Sir Eddie has already taken on a consultancy role with food and drink conglomerate Nestlé, where he is expected to join the board in April at a salary of about £119,000.

He has also become a non-executive director at the Duke of Westminster's top-drawer property firm, Grosvenor Group Holdings.

Sir Eddie retired from the Bank in June after more than 40 years, which involved steering it through the crisis of Black Wednesday and the collapse of Barings, and chairing its rate-setting monetary policy committee from 1997. When he joins Rothschilds, a firm which has its roots in a family fortune accumulated at the time of the Battle of Waterloo, Sir Eddie will sit on the boards of both NM Rothschild, the dynasty's British arm, and Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG, its Swiss co-ordinating company. The leadership of NM Rothschild passed to the Frenchman Baron David de Rothschild earlier this year.

Sir Eddie's time will now be shared between Cornwall and London.

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