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Bond film mirrors killing innocet brazilian

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'Shock' at new Bond plot
By This is London
14 February 2006

The family of a Brazilian man shot dead after being mistaken for a terrorist are "shocked" that his killing is to be reportedly mirrored in the plot of the next James Bond blockbuster

Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, was killed in a police operation at Stockwell Underground station in London last July.

His relatives, who live in Brazil, are said to be "shocked" that his death could be "glamorised" by the new 007 film, Casino Royale, out later this year.

According to reports, a leaked script reveals that Bond kills an unarmed bomb suspect, only to find it was the wrong man.

Bond, played by Daniel Craig, 37, tries to clear his name after CCTV footage of the death is broadcast worldwide.

It is not clear if the shooting storyline will be in the film.

Asad Rehman, spokesman for the de Menezes family, said: "If you can imagine what it must feel like, to think in a year or two's time, to walk down the street to see posters depicting how your loved one died in such horrific circumstances, it can only bring more anguish.

"No-one has spoken to the family to say 'We are considering this, we know it may be painful'.

"They are shocked that such a tragic story could become glamorised by a Hollywood film.

"There's a big concern about such an issue being trivialised."

No-one was available to confirm the plot details at EON Productions, the film company, currently shooting on location in Prague.

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