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Ohio contracts for electronic voting machines

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Ohio contracts for electronic voting machines

Associated Press

Columbus- Three makers of electronic voting machines have signed contracts with the state to replace punch-card and lever voting devices that must be scrapped under a new law re quiring updated equipment.

Diebold Election Systems, Election Systems & Software and Maximus/Hart Intercivic/DFM Associates will provide replacements for counties that still use punch card and lever devices.

The State Controlling Board, a legislative panel that oversees many state contracts, must approve the deals.

Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell said a fourth supplier, Sequoia Voting Systems, could not reach contract terms with his office. The systems were to be installed by the Nov. 2, 2003, election, but security concerns about the machines and slow federal funding led Blackwell to ask for an extension.

The contracts call for the following prices of each machine: Diebold Election Systems Accu Vote-TS, $2,964; ES&S iVotronic, $2,896; and Maximus/ Hart Intercivic/DFM Associates eSlate 3000, $2,997. Opticalscan machine prices are: Diebold Elections Systems AccuVote-OS, $4,127, and ES&S Model 100, $5,499.

2004 The Plain Dealer. Used with permission.

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