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Points to 911 inside job

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We know there was a coverup for the following reasons:

1. The flights were operating with jet fighter skills

2. The "hijackers" could barely ride a bike, let alone fly a plane with jet fighters manuveuvers (they removed the article, you have to check the google cache, or other articles):

3. The "hijackers" survived, which is strange:

4. The FBI was working with the hijackers:

5. The "hijackers" have been working on US military bases:

6. Pentagon tracking hijackers:,2933,165414,00.html

"The impetus for this letter is my extreme disappointment in the recent, and false, claim of the 9/11 commission staff that the commission was never given access to any information on Able Danger," Weldon wrote to former Chairman Gov. Thomas Kean and Vice-Chairman Rep. Lee Hamilton. "The 9/11 commission staff received not one but two briefings on Able Danger from former team members, yet did not pursue the matter.

7. The Pentagon flight made its risky jet fighter maneuver rather than hit the Pentagon straight, which avoided Rumsfeld's office, and hit the empty side of the Pentagon. Why was that side of the Pentagon empty?

8. Access to the codes and transponders is only information to the CIA, which the "hijackers" had for this operation

9. Intelligence Director Porter Goss was having breakfast on 9/11 with the man who supplied Mohammed Atta with $100 thousand dollars:

10. and the man having breakfast with Goss that morning:

11. The Florida flight schools for the hijackers were owned by a front company owned by the CIA --the evidence for this is complicated with many documents, but starts here:

12. The Mayor of San Fransisco was told a head of time not to fly, along with many other important officials:

13. Insider stock trades couldn't have been by hijackers:

14. How were the weapons planted on the plane before the hijackers were on board?,8599,175953,00.html

15. The lack of Air Force engagement... and P56 Pentagon systems lacking

This is just the beginning, and its easy to prove this operation was way to complicated to be done by cave dwellers, and required state intelligence assistance. Even major senators agree with this:

And this is why half of American citizens in NY city doubt the official story, because it doesn't make any sense:

The only way this can happen is if top level U.S. officials are involved, and there is evidence pointing to Cheney.

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