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Charlie sheen now accused of threatening ex wife

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Charlie Sheen: From 9/11 Conspiracy to Shocking Divorce Claims

By Susan Hatch
Apr 22, 2006

Charlie Sheen is not having a good month. First he had to try to clarify some of the outrageous claims he made on a radio show about some wild 9/11 conspiracy theories. He was slammed in the press and lampooned on other talk radio programs.

While that may have been a nuisance he is now is facing some actual real problems.

The actor is being accused by his wife of assaulting her and threatening her life during a December 30 incident at the actress's Los Angeles home.

The Smoking Gun gives this account:

In a searing court attack on Charlie Sheen, actress Denise Richards alleges that her estranged husband is unstable, violent, addicted to gambling and prostitutes, and visits pornographic web sites featuring young men and girls who appear underage.

In a remarkable sworn declaration filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Richards also charges that Sheen, 40, assaulted her and threatened her life during a December 30 incident at the actress's Los Angeles home. Richards claims that an enraged Sheen--who was over for a visit with the couple's two children--told her she was "f-ing with the wrong guy" and called her a series of vulgar names in front of the children.

The actor, Richards said, then shoved her to the ground and screamed, "I hope you f-king die, bitch."

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