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Charlie sheen denies abuse charges by ex wife

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Actor Charlie Sheen denies abuse charges by ex-wife
Sat Apr 22, 2006 11:14 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Actor Charlie Sheen on Saturday denied charges from his estranged wife, actress Denise Richards, that he had been abusive toward her and their daughters and had threatened to kill her.

"I move forward and I maintain my integrity ... and focus on my children," Sheen told Entertainment Tonight co-anchor Mark Steines in an interview for the Paramount Pictures Corp. program to be aired on April 24.

On Friday, Sheen was ordered to keep at least 300 feet (90 meters) away from Richards and their two young daughters after the abuse allegations were made in court papers.

The restraining order is the latest chapter in the stormy marriage between Sheen, a one-time playboy, and model/actress Richards, 35, who filed for divorce from him last December, after less than three years of marriage.

Sheen, star of the hit CBS television series "Two and a Half Men," told Entertainment Tonight Richards' filing is a "heinous document of fiction."

"I'm deeply saddened because this is clearly demonstrating a wanting and willful attempt at what I describe as a radical and transparent smear campaign and clearly a departure from sound, sane, responsible co-parenting," Sheen said.

"It is a reaction to a failed marriage, a reaction to some twisted desire -- real or imagined -- to hurt, to punish, to discredit, to completely torpedo, to undermine my perception as a responsible father ... a contributing father, a guy who would give his life for his children."

Sheen was reacting to Richards' written declaration that she could "no longer accept (his) abusive and threatening manner and must stop him from the cycle of his abuse toward me and our children and his continued threats of violence and statements that he is going to kill me."

Richards is "the only one entirely culpable for putting these radical allegations out for public consumption ... my children included," Sheen told Entertainment Tonight.

Richards also alleged Sheen, son of actor Martin Sheen, abused prescription drugs, gambled compulsively, frequented prostitutes and liked to look at pornography on the Internet.

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