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Charlie sheen buys gas mask because 911 conspiracy

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Denise Richards Uses 9/11 Conspiracy Against Charlie Sheen

By Julie Pike
Apr 25, 2006

Charlie Sheen was quietly going about his business until a few weeks ago when he made an appearance on a radio program. He made several far out claims about the government being involved in 9/11.

They were bizzare accusations and that did not go unnoticed by Cathy Beers who accurately predicted Denise Richards would use the 9/11 conspiracy theories touted by Charlie Sheen against the actor as she seeks sole custody of her children.


But in her court documents she used to get a restraining order against Sheen, it was claimed that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Richards claimed Charlie had really gone over the edge.

In the papers filed with the court, Richards stated that Sheen had begun to obsess about "vaccines being poisonous." Richards also claims that Charlie was so obsessed with his 9/11 conspiracy theory that he bought gas masks on the Internet and began to put guns under our table in case so they would be in arms reach in case someone broke into the house.


He also is described by Richards as having an abnormal fascination with Nicole Simpson's death and even showed her mother and Denise the autopsy photos of Simpson.

Sheen answered the allegation in interviews, calling them baseless.

"It is a reaction to a failed marriage, a reaction to some twisted desire -- real or imagined -- to hurt, to punish, to discredit, to completely torpedo, to undermine my perception as a responsible father... a contributing father, a guy who would give his life for his children."


There are some very serious charges in the documents - Sheen is trying to fight this out in the entertainment media - but at some point he'll have to answer in court for his alleged erratic behavior.

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