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- The Bush Administration forced the FBI to back off of the Bin Laden investigation months
before 9-11. [BBC transcript BUSH BIN LADEN HIDDEN AGENDA!!!]

I Dont Buy It I was one of the first tenants in the World Trade Center (WTC) back in 1979.
Back then----over 20 years ago----it was known to all the tenants of the WTC that the WTC was a
no fly zone. If you came within 12 miles of the WTC, flying outside of a pattern where you were
supposed to be, you were warned to back off. If you came within five miles, they would threaten to
shoot you down. If you came within three miles, they could shoot you down. If I remember
correctly, on the roof of tower No. 2 they had surface to air missiles for that purpose, plus also the
Spatz helicopters for that purpose. I had a friend who was flying a small plane who got warned
away and they almost blew him out of the sky 20 years ago because he was showing somebody
a close view of the towers. I can see the first tower getting hit by surprise, but 15 minutes later
the second tower also gets hit? I dont buy it.
Walter Burien, Radio Free America, Nov 11, 2001

- The CIA station chief in Dubai met with Bin Laden 7 weeks before
9-11, and at a time when Bin Laden was supposedly "wanted" by the CIA.,1361,584444,00.html (UK Guardian)
(German Trans.)
(US Wash Times Artcl: Report: bin Laden treated at US hospital
Elizabeth Bryant UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Published 10/31/2001

- INSIDER TRADING PROFITS off of 9-11 were frenzied over by the US media when they
thought it was Arab terrorists . . . but then the story mysteriously died. Until, the UK Independent
reveals that it leads to a firm chaired by the 3rd highest man in the CIA (and stranger still is that
$2.5 million of the "winnings" are still unclaimed (see below for URL to entire story). . Info confirmed by Independent Newspaper in

- ABC's May/2001 story resurfaces about how the US Joint Chiefs of Staff have in the
past ACTUALLY DESIGNED a plan to committ domestic terror on Americans to whip them into
a war hysteria, to support war efforts by the govt.

[The National Security Archive has a PDF version of the Operation Northwoods plan, which
author James Bamford says "may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the U.S.
government." It can be found at the following URL:]

- Strangely Anthrax is sent to (not the President, or Republicans) but to the top Democrat and to
the media. A foriegn terrorist would probably want to "divide" the country, not unite the opposition
and the media in the war effort.
- New Science Journal says Anthrax sent to Daschle is NOT Russian or Iraqi, but likely US
military strain.

- San Francisco Chronicle reports, the anthrax strain produced in US University is destroyed on
ok of FBI (they had studied this for years, some at university question the timing of the destruction
of those anthrax spores . . . right now of all times (?))

Terror Anthrax Linked to Type Made by U.S.
The powder used in the anthrax attacks is virtually
indistinguishable from that produced by the United States
military, according to federal scientists.

- Bush Admin. declares they will "seal the records of presidents beginning with Father
Bush/Reagans (an act never before done in US presidential history)." AND What bizarre timing.
In the midst of a war and an economic disaster -- they find the time and "the desire" to seal the
records of the Reagan/Bush admin, just as info is surfacing about Bush/Bin Laden connections
from years back. (Details in Scripps-Howard News Service, appearing in Chico, CA paper on

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