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Attacks on jewish gaza settlements after israeli raid
First suicide attack since gaza withdrawal
Four dead in gaza air strike { September 24 2005 }
Hezbollah fires on israel as settlers protest evacuation
Israel arrests group smuggling terrorists from gaza
Israel kills 5 in west bank threatening peace process { August 26 2005 }
Israel troops admit to revenge murders
Israel uses palestinians as human shields { October 6 2005 }
Israeli jets hit militant base in lebanon
Israeli missiles fired at car { July 17 2005 }
Israeli riot police storm jews in gaza synagogues
Israelis evaluating gaza jews [jpg]
Jewish soldiers opens fire on bus kills 4
Palestinian shot to death at abandoned israeli base
Palestinian used as shield [jpg]
Suicide attack at israeli shopping center wounds 40
Suicide bomb kills at least 5 in israel { December 5 2005 }
Violence complicates palestinian elections { December 14 2005 }

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