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Brutal police chief from 1991 94 guy phillippe march on capital
Bush accused of supporting haitain rebels
Bush funding training of hatian rebels through IRI { July 16 2004 }
Convtraversy over haitis rebels and refugees
Feb haiti uprising [jpg]
FRAPH close ties to CIA emmanuel constant { February 23 2004 }
Human rights abuser Guy Philippe assaults haiti { February 19 2004 }
Maxine waters demands us stop supporting forces plotting coup
Philippe investigation alleged drug trafficking
Rebels well stocked with american weapons { February 18 2004 }
Rebels [jpg]
Right wing republicans fomented haiti coup { July 16 2004 }
Strongman Louis Jodel Chamblain from FRAPH murdered thousands
Us arming anti aristide paramilitaries { February 25 2004 }
Washington uses rightist terror to regime change haiti

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