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Bush awol during vietnam war
Bush conviction records blocked out
Bush guard log spotty
Bush guard [jpg]
Bush inside [jpg]
Bush let guard down { November 3 2000 }
Bush missed 1972 physical suspended as pilot
Bush national guard records missing { September 7 2004 }
Bush not paid april october 1972 { February 12 2004 }
Bush pressured on awol
Bush vietnam era military records shows gaps { February 10 2004 }
Bush w 1973 [jpg]
Bushbillboard2 [jpg]
Doc12 [gif]
Doc23 [gif]
Doc28 [gif]
Dod seeks bush guard files { February 10 2004 }
Gap remains in bush guard service { May 4 2004 }
Grounded [gif]
House speaker helped bush dodge draft
Lawsuit uncovers new bush guard records
No evaluation observed no whereabouts { May 2 1973 }
No record military service
One year gap in bush national guard duty
Pentagon records of bush services accidently destroyed { July 9 2004 }
Records fail to shed light on bush service
The pilot who flew under the radar { September 27 2004 }
We were soldiers bush
Whitehouse briefing on bushs military service { February 10 2004 }

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